General rules

The Swiss Agility Cup is conducted in accordance with the Swiss regulations. There are several possibilities to qualify for the Big Final on Saturday.

  1. The qualifying run is an open class run, i.e.: All classes (class A to class 3) complete the same course. There is a separate ranking for each category (Small, Medium, Large). Each team can qualify for the Final. The qualifying run takes place on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.
  2. The agility run in each “CLASS” counts as qualification for the Semi-Final. The agility run on Sunday and Monday counts for the 1st Semi-Final on Monday. The agility run on Tuesday and Thursday counts for the 2nd Semi-Final on Thursday.

Overall Ranking

The two best qualifying agility runs and the best qualifying jumping run count for the overall ranking. The points are awarded based on the following principle:

1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 3 points, etc. Teams with more than 26,0 penalty points and with elimination = 999 points


The qualifying run on Sunday and Friday is an agility course. The qualifying run on Tuesday is a jumping course. The winners of each qualifying run are directly qualified for the final. In the Large Category, the second rank is also directly qualified for the final.

Should a team qualify directly for the Final twice, only the first qualification counts. Directly qualified teams are not taken into account for the overall ranking list.

Should a team qualify directly for the Final twice, the next team in ranking moves up – i.e. the 2nd rank in the qualifying run or the 3rd rank in Large category. This rule applies only to the teams who make it to the podium.


Monday 1st Semi-Final
Thursday 2nd Semi-Final

Each day, the following ranks qualify directly for the Semi-Final. If a team is already qualified, the next rank on the 2nd Agility run (Monday, Thursday) moves up.

  • Agility A Large:
  • Agility 1 Large, Medium, Small: 1.Place
  • Agility 2 Large, Medium, Small: 1.Place & 2.Place (applies only to Large category)
  • Agility 3 Large, Medium, Small: 1.Place & 2.Place

The first four teams in Large Category qualify directly for the Big Final on Saturday. The first two teams in Medium and Small Category qualify for the Big Final on Saturday.

Final participation

In case several teams reach the same points at the last qualifying rank of the overall ranking, all teams with the same score are qualified for the Big Final. If a qualified team cannot compete or withdraws their participation, the next team from the total ranking list moves up. After 12.00 o’clock on Saturday no more changes can be accepted.

Total 17 Small-Teams
max. 4 Small-Teams (Semi-Final)
max. 3 Small-Teams (Directly qualified)
min. 10 Small-Teams (Total Ranking)

Total 17 Medium-Teams
max. 4 Medium-Teams (Semi-Final)
max. 3 Medium-Teams (Directly qualified)
min. 10 Medium-Teams ((Total Ranking)

Total 34 Large-Teams
max. 8 Large-Teams (Semi-Final)
max. 6 Large-Teams (Directly qualified)
min. 20 Large-Teams (Total Ranking)

Big Final

Saturday the Big Final

The Big Final will be performed in the categories Small, Medium and Large. The final run is an agility run. The Small category begins followed by medium and large category.

Final course walking

  1. Course Walking Small and Medium Category
  2. Course Walking Large Category

The starting order is the overall ranking in reverse order, followed by the teams qualified from the Semi-Finals and finally the directly qualified teams.

Directly qualified teams and teams qualified through semi-finals are starting in reverse order based on the ranking of the direct qualification.

Should a dog handler qualify for the Final with two dogs and the second dog must start directly after their first dog, the handle has two minutes between the two runs to catch their breath. The starting order must be strictly followed without exceptions!