1. Before Registration– sign up on
  2. The registration for the Swiss Agility Cup will be opened annually on the 4th Wednesday in January at 11 pm
  3. The registration for the Camping can be done later, but at latest on the 31th of January
  4. After successfull registration you will recieve an automatic confirmation mail.
  5. First all participants are on the waiting-list
  6. On Friday we will publish the updated list of participants
  7. If you receive a bill, and pay it in time you are allowed to start at the Swiss Agility Cup
  8. If the payment is not made in time , you will loose your starting spot and the next Team from the waiting-list will be move up
  9. You will receive your bill at latest on the 21th of February
  10. The bill must be payed at latest on the 24th of March
  11. If we have received your payment then you will have your safe starting spot
  12. you have to check your repayment insurance at latest till 31th of January per dog

Consideration of application

Following criteria will be considered for the application:

  1. The receive of the application at
  2. That we have received your payment in time
  • The drawn participants from the previous year have their guaranteed starting spot.
  • Each of the Premium Sponsors has 3 starting spots available.
  • The current judges of the Swiss Agility Cup have their starting spots.
  • The organising committee is giving starting spots to the obligated veterinarians and Special helpers.

Registration how-to

  1. Login
  2. choose your language, take the sign in link, currently it is closed but will be opened at the day of Registration.
  3. Choose your dog
  4. Choose insurance yes/no
  5. Accept the GTC´s
  6. click Register
  1. Login
  2. Choose your language, take the button for Camping
  3. Camping yes/no
  4. Choose Caravan,Camper or Tent
  5. Please write down your preferred camping group and the name of the group
  6. Accept the GTC´s
  7. click Register
  1. Login
  2. Choose your language, take the link my Dogschoose the dog you would like insurance for.
  3. Choose insurance yes/no
  4. Accept the GTC´s
  5. Click the button register change



A: 30 Teams
1: 28 Teams
2: 45 Teams
3: 75 Teams


1: 18 Teams
2: 18 Teams
3: 35 Teams


1: 18 Teams
2: 18 Teams
3: 35 Teams