We would like the participants…

  • to wear the starting number visible, it will help us to keep the process correctly and every participant knows who is starting next.
  • to keep the timetable, briefings will be held as written on the timetable. If a participant runs with several dogs, please find a solution with the guide.
  • If we need you as a helper please be in time. Please note the helper list given to you at the check in with your starting number, you will find a daily up date hanging on the window at the clubhouse.
  • to follow the COVID-19 safety precautions – details can be found in our protection concept!

Collaboration as a helper

Each participant is obligated to assist as a helper. It is guaranteed that you can run each of your runs in time. Every helper receives a little “thank you” for the collaboration and for each further use 5 CHF.

Young dogs who do not have a Swiss license

For the participants from Switzerland, who want to start with their young dogs and do not yet have a license for this dog, must request the license number before signing up. Only dogs with license numbers can be registered for competitions in ursRun.com, The license number must be valid.

Keep your dog on the leash!

During the whole week, on the camping site, competition area and 1 kilometre around the place where the competition is held (walk) is it on your duty to keep your dog on the leash. Access to the nature reserve is prohibited. Note that it is mainly during the dawn and in the night that there are many wild animals around (deer, foxes, hares and badgers). Please protect the cultivated land (high grass, grain, vegetables) and do not let your dog off the leash!

Dogs and their “business”

dog-owner must ensure that dog dirt is disposed to the waste and not be left at the end of the path!

Rent the hall

If you want to train in the hall with your dog can rent the hall in the free time. For the inquiry at the halls rent send E-Mail to Martin Jenny.

Check in

You can check in on Saturday between 5 pm and 7 pm at the clubhouse/ office. Teams arriving on Sundays can check in until 11 am.

The competition office

The competition office is closed every day from 09.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Prize giving ceremony

On competition days the prize giving ceremony will be held at the clubhouse according to our folder. The first 5 teams and the first 10 % receive a nice prize for each run. It’s worth coming to the ceremony, every evening exiting prizes will wait for you. the prizes could not be taken for you, you have to be there in person. Whoever is not there can not win a prize. We would be happy to see all participants at the ceremony, sitting comfortably together and having fun. On Sunday the beer and mineral water are free of charge!


The veterinarians Imelda & Rico Vanini are available f during the Swiss-Agility-Cup.ch period. In case of emergency please contact the competition office.

Catering and bread service

The Bistro Bello is open on all days of competition from 7.15 am – 5.30 pm and provide food and drinks for your well-being. Bistro Bello also offers a bread service. This means you can order fresh bread, croissants and rolls every day and pick up from 7.15 am at Bistro. Order closing: Saturday 3 pm for Sunday Sunday 11.30 am for Monday Monday – Friday 6 pm You get your oder list at Bistro Bello.

Samstag 15:00h für Sonntag
Sonntag 11:30h für Montag
Montag – Freitag 18:00h
Bestellscheine bekommst du vor Ort im Bistro Bello.

Raclette evening

You are invited to spend the evening with us on Tuesday from 7.30 pm. There is the possibility to eat traditional Swiss Raclette. At the check in you will receive a registration for the order of the raclette. Of course you can also be there without eating.


Payment can be made on the whole territory only with CHF.


Teams which are no longer competing at the Swiss-Agility-Cup.ch, can take their working-books one hour after the last run in the competition office. On the last day of the competition, the working-books must be taken at last at 8 pm.