The camping area (5) is located on the training ground. Power distribution boxes are available. Please share the connection for power supply with your neighbours and help each other!

  • The camping area opens on Saturday the 3rd of August from 8 am to 8 pm
  • There is no possibility to go to the camping area earlier.
  • You have to leave the camping area on the last Sunday until 3 pm
  • Camping fee: 260 CHF per week/parcel (6m x 8m)
  • Camping fee: 390 CHF per week/parcel (6m x 12m)
  • Includes electricity and shower
  • Camping area is limited to a maximum of 155

Vehicles on the area

Cars must be parked outside the camping area. During the competition (8 am – 6 pm) you are not allowed to move your car on the whole area. Thank you for your understanding.

Keep it clean

Please keep the whole area clean and use the rubbish bins! Please separate the waste!


  • Drinking water is available on the area at the following locations: at the clubhouse (on the north side, along the facade towards the road) and at the operation building of the hall (at the entrances)
    beim Betriebsgebäude der Halle (2) (bei den Eingängen)
  • Toilets are located: at the clubhouse (1) and in the training hall (2)
  • Showers are located: in the training hall (2) and in the shower container (6)
  • Washing facilities are located: next to the shower container (6)

Location plan

  1. Clubhouse/Competition office/you get your starting number here/prize giving ceremony
  2. Bistro Bello/Showers/Toilets
  3. Agility hall
  4. Agility ring
  5. Camping area
  6. Showers/Sink
  7. Wastewater disposal/chemical toilets

Adapter for electrical outlet

Please bring your adapter for the Swiss electrical outlet.